Guided mountain tour or alpine climbing course

Contents: climbing technique with crampons and ice axe, climbing gear, rope techniques on glaciers and ridges, provisional mountain rescue techniques, crevasse rescue, provisional evacuation, planning of mountain climbs, orientation with maps, compass and GPS

Location: Tyrol, Alps

Multi pitch climbing

Guided multi pitch tour or multi pitch training

Contents: climbing technique, belaying techniques and procedure, abseiling/rappelling, lowering, planning of rock climbs, choosing and finding the right route, climbing gear, belay devices and protection, setup of stands

Location: Tyrol, Alps

Alpine ski tours

Guided ski tour/alpine ski tour or ski tour training

Contents: style and technique on ski tours on ascend and downhill, setting of tracks, round and sharp turning on tracks, snow conditions, avalanche knowledge, planning of ski tours, decision methods on slopes, rope techniques on alpine ski tours, crevasse rescue, provisional evacuation

Location: Tyrol, Alps

Via ferrata

Guided via ferrata or training

Contents: how to do, how to belay, climbing gear, planning of tours

Location: Tyrol, Alps

Ice climbing

Guided ice climb or training

Contents: climbing technique with crampons and ice tools, climbing gear, belay techniques and protection, setup of stands, evaluation of icefalls

Location: Tyrol, Alps


Guided off-piste skiing or avalanche course

Contents: off-piste skiing technique, evaluation of avalanche danger, proper off-piste behavior

Location: Tyrol, Alps

Mixed climbing

Mixed climbing is an advanced type of mountaineering. For combined climbing tours, basic know-how in multi-pitch climbing, ice climbing, and dry tooling is required. Tours are to be arranged individually.

Location: Tyrol, Alps

Sport climbing

Sport climbing course

Contents: climbing techniques, belaying, rope handling while lead climbing and top-rope, materials and equipment

Location: Tyrol, Alps

Worldwide mountaineering

Accompaniment and know-how on mountain trips and climbing trips. Individual key data by arrangement.

Location: worldwide